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Russell has only worked for Highland Experience for 4 months and in his first 4 months he has made quite an impression - He's proved to be incredibly popular both with passengers and the whole Highland Experience Team, being voted our first ever employee of month!

"I was shocked, I was on a 3-day Skye tour and I came back and was being congratulated - I thought, I've just done a Skye tour what's happened? They told me to check my e-mail and I've got to admit, I couldn't stop smiling."

Don't just take Highland Experience's word for it though, Russell has received a record-breaking number of positive reviews online, detailing his talents as a tour guide.

He's "friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic"

He's a talented storyteller... "Russ has so many stories to tell and he makes me so drawn in to them!"

He's great with kids "My kids really loved the trip and I would say that the credit goes to none other than RUSSELL as his live commentary along with his thorough knowledge on the history and every little point on the places mentioned was unbelievable. It seemed he had a microchip in his brain."

He even has good music taste... "Russell, the entertainer, was wonderful in giving Scottish history, telling stories, and playing Scottish music that gets us all in good spirit."


Why did you become a tour guide?

I'd been touring for a number of years and I love getting out on the tours, meeting people, and guiding.

Before you started guiding what were you doing?

I was involved in private security work, close protection, body guarding all over the world, so people are extra safe when exploring the highlands with me!

What's your favourite place in Scotland?

It has to be Loch Ness, I love the Loch Ness day tour. Loch Ness is a fantastic piece of water, the intrigue, the mystery with the monster - every single day I'm looking out for Nessie. Each day you are at Loch Ness there is a chance you can see the monster!

What's your favourite story to share with passengers?

You get people who are interested in everything, some people really love history, people who love little fun facts. One thing I do like sharing is William McGonagall, the scots poet, famed for his short and sweet little poems. Can you recite one? I will if you come on tour! But I can recite one I came up with myself in the style of McGonagall, it concerns the Highland coos...

On a hill I saw a coo

But he must of moved

'Cause he's no there noo


Describe being a tour guide in 3 words...

Fun, interesting and....exciting!



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