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Whisky Tours

Embark on a spirited adventure through the heartlands of Scotch whisky with unforgettable tours to Islay and Campbeltown. Islay, known as the 'Queen of the Hebrides,' offers an unparalleled experience with its famous peaty single malts and a welcoming atmosphere at its ten distinctive distilleries, each with their own unique history and flavours. From the sea-sprayed shores of Lagavulin to the smoky complexity of Laphroaig, whisky enthusiasts can savour tastings that epitomize the island's rich peat bogs. Meanwhile, Campbeltown, once the whisky capital of the world, provides a more intimate experience with its three operating distilleries that maintain a tradition of craftsmanship and innovation. Here, you can explore the heritage of Scotch whisky and enjoy robust drams that reflect the unique maritime climate and local craftsmanship. Together, Islay and Campbeltown tours are not just about tasting whisky; they're about immersing yourself in the culture, history, and landscapes that shape this iconic drink.

Explore and taste whiskey in Scotland with Scottish Routes! Discover the isle of Islay, the Scottish Highlands and the heart of Malt Whisky Country, Speyside, on our whisky tours of Scotland. Book your tour today!