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Best Gins To Bring Home

If you’re a gin fan, this is for you. We know you can get Hendrick’s anywhere, so why not bring home a gin you can’t find at home? We’ve selected the 5 best gins to bring back home for yourself, as a gift, or maybe to a homesick Scot abroad.



Isle of Barra Distillers Co. started in 2017 with Michael and Katie. It’s now found all over the UK and has received world recognition as one of the best gins. The gin “is distilled using locally hand-harvested Carrageen Seaweed that is sourced sustainably from the shores that surround Isle of Barra”. You can find a bottle of Barra at any Waitrose in Edinburgh.

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Downpour gin comes from North Uist Distillery Co., founded by Kate and Jonny in 2019. The couple decided to open the distillery to create job opportunities for people on the island. This is the only gin listed here which will be tricky to find, but it’s well worth it if you do! You can buy the gin online through their website (UK-only). Or if you’re thinking of heading to North Uist (which is gorgeous and should definitely be on your list), you can stop by their distillery, book a tasting, and bring a bottle home!

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Isle of Harris

The distillery started life with just 10 people in 2015 and quickly became well-known around the world as an award-winning gin. They use Sugar Kelp seaweed, which is gathered by hand to continue the sustainability of the island. The gin is “softened by the fresh, low-mineral rainwaters which flow from the nearby source stream of Abhainn Cnoc a ’Charrain”. You can find Isle of Harris Gin in many tourist liquor stores on the Royal Mile. They have their stockist on their website as well.

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Holyrood Distillery

Holyrood’s Distillery’s gin ‘Height of Arrows’ is made in Edinburgh, close to Arthur’s Seat. Height of Arrows’ gin features Juniper, Isle of Skye sea salt, and beeswax. You can buy Height of Arrows in many liquor stores in Edinburgh, or in their distillery! You can also book a gin tasting or a distillery tour with them. To view availability, check out their website.

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Lind & Lime

Lind & Lime Gin opened in Leith, Edinburgh in 2017. Inspired by James Lind, who was famous during the Scottish Enlightenment, when Scotland became a centre of scientific accomplishments. Their gin strongly feature juniper, lime, and pink peppercorns. If you’re in Edinburgh for a few days we recommend visiting their distillery for a tour, where they talk about the history of gin in Leith.

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