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Scottish Gaelic Words to Know

World Gaelic Week, celebrates Scottish Gaelic across the globe, this year (2024) it is taking place between 19th – 25th February.

We asked some of our driver-guides which Scottish Gaelic words they think you should know. Here were their top 5.


Alba gu bràth

Driver-guide Iain has this one tattooed on his chest, it means Scotland forever.


Uisge beatha

Driver-guide John thinks this is very handy to know, ‘Uisge beatha’. This means “water of life” in Gaelic and refers to whisky. It’s pronounced like ‘oosh – ga – var’.



‘Tìoraidh’ is pronounced like ‘cheery’, and it means cheerio or goodbye. Our driver-guide Bobby talks about how it’s on our signs leaving the national parks in Scotland.



Our driver-guide Jamie thinks it’s important to know ‘Fàilte’, which means welcome. It’s pronounced ‘fal – che’.


Slàinte Mhaith

A couple of our driver-guides thought this was *very* important. Slàinte Mhaith in Gaelic means good health. It’s our version of cheers. Good to know, especially if you’re doing a whisky tasting!


Watch the full video of our driver-guides here.