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How to travel sustainably

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Top tips for making your next trip as eco friendly as possible.

In recent months there has been a big shout about looking after the environment and natural resources prompting many people to bring more eco-friendly practices into their daily life from making sure to recycle things when possible and reducing their waste in general. It is true that climate change and global warming can be a scary and overwhelming thought, but it’s the small changes over time that can make a difference.

Here at Highland Experience we are passionate about Scotland, and we feel privileged to be able to share our love of Scotland with you. We are a team committed to conserving Scotland’s beautiful locations and making sure we operate in a way which looks after and enhances Scotland’s natural environment. With your help, we can keep Scotland looking beautiful! Here are our top tips to make your next trip away eco-friendly!

  1. Bring a refillable bottle! Tap water is safe to drink in the UK so make sure to bring a refillable bottle with you, to reduce your plastic waste! We’re also very friendly here, so don’t be shy to ask over a shop counter if they’re able to refill your bottle for you if you run out!
  2. Take your rubbish with you! If it can be recycled, we’d really appreciate this too! Cardboard, Paper, Cans, Glass and most types of plastic can be recycled throughout the whole of the UK. Leave no trace.
  3. Pack Light – The more things that you bring with you, the heavier your bag will be. The heavier your bag, the more the bus inturn weighs producing more carbon emissions. We advise that you just pack the essentials for what you will need whilst you’re on tour – the environment will thank you for it.
    Don’t print your ticket! Don’t print your travel tickets, unless you really need to. Most places these days accept e-tickets or for you to show them a copy of your travel voucher from your mobile device.
  4. Keep it local! Whether that be dining for breakfast lunch or dinner, or when looking for things to commemorate your time on holiday or small gifts for your family and friends back home, make sure to pop into the locally owned shops. — more about this
  5. Offset your impact – do something good for the environment. When buying a tour with us direct here at Highland Experience, you have the option to add 50p to your purchase to donate towards trees for life. Every 50p donation we receive we match which then goes towards the project Trees for life. Trees for life is an excellent project which sets out to revitalise the Scottish countryside.
  6. Go on a group tour! Help to reduce your carbon emissions and lower your carbon footprint by joining a scheduled group tour rather than travelling alone by car. It has been said that reconsidering the way you travel is one of the most effective ways to begin the journey to reducing your carbon footprint!

We hope that these little tips help you to reduce your carbon footprint on your next adventure as well as in your everyday life at home! Start your journey to being more eco-friendly, check out your carbon footprint.

Written by Simone Robertson