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Top Tips for Touring in Scotland

a man standing next to a body of water

By nature, Scotland is quite an unpredictable place (especially the weather). So, here are a few top tips to help you prepare for touring Scotland with us.

Preparing for Scottish Weather

Make sure you dress in comfortable or outdoor clothing, layers are great, so you are prepared for all weather and temperatures. To quote Raymond Bonner, “If you don’t like the Scottish weather, wait 30 minutes, and it’s likely to change.” It’s probably best to bring a coat/waterproofs rather than a brolly as they are no match for the Scottish wind!

Food in Scotland

If you’re anything like me and love snacking, it’s a good idea to bring some food that you can eat on the go (especially on 1-day tours such as the Loch Ness, Glen Coe and Highlands tour).

Don’t be shy to try Scotland’s local food – although you may not immediately think of Scotland for a top-notch culinary experience, we have some delicious food. Our seafood is arguably the best in the world. When visiting Oban be sure to check out the Seafood Hut on the harbour. Be adventurous and get a platter (it includes Lobster!). You’ll be eating outside, probably standing up and using your fingers – but for the price you pay (a bargain for this much seafood) it’s all part of the experience and it’s a good one!

Visiting Attractions

Our tours will offer opportunities for some short walks so there may be some uneven ground as unsurprisingly a lot of the highlands aren’t very flat. We want everyone who tours with us to experience Scotland as much as possible. So, if you have any mobility issues, please let our team know so we can advise the best tour for you and ensure you have suitable accommodation!

The sites that we visit are in most cases places of significant beauty or historical importance which aren’t replaceable. Look after them by simply taking any litter with you and making sure to recycle it if possible. In most cases the advice is look and don’t touch, so our delicate historical buildings remain intact. With your help we can take care of these sites and protect them for future visitors.

The not so deadly midge

Between May and September, you will likely encounter tiny mosquito like creatures we scots call midges pronounced ‘mij-ees’. They aren’t as big as mosquitos and don’t carry any diseases, however they may bite and make you a little itchy. We recommend that you bring some insect repellent with you, especially on multi-day tours which involve being outdoors for longer. Also, wearing long sleeves and trousers helps avoid bites!

Bathrooms in Scotland

It is common practice for a lot of public bathrooms in Scotland to charge a small fee (0.30p or 0.50p usually) this is to fund the upkeep of the bathrooms and quite often to pay an on-site attendant who contributes to this upkeep.

Scottish Music

If you enjoy music, we highly recommend taking the time while you’re in Scotland to go and experience a traditional Scottish ceilidh. A ceilidh (pronounced kay-lee) is normally a night of traditional Scottish dancing and music and of course, drinking! A great way to start your 5-day Scottish Choice tour is a traditional ceilidh in Oban (where you stay on your first night). Book a Scottish Ceilidh! Use code HEX20 when booking for a wee discount!

Overnight Accommodation

On our multi-day tours we often use traditional family home B&Bs. This, in my opinion, is a much more authentic way to experience the local culture! You’ll be looked after by a friendly host, wake up after a restful sleep and enjoy a tasty Scottish breakfast before heading out to explore for the day.

History & Scottish Stories

For you history buffs, you’ll know that Scotland has an incredibly deep history and there are loads of stories about Scotland’s past. For those more interested in this side of Scotland we recommend doing some prior reading to get a small grasp on some of the main things or even taking notes to remember as there is A LOT of history and other stories you may want to remember and tell your friends about to convince them to also visit Scotland!

Written by Stephen H