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Animal Tours to Visit in Scotland

Highland coos aren’t the only animals you can see while you’re on tour in Scotland. Although highland coos may be considered the most exciting to see, since you can’t find them anywhere else, there are plenty of animals Scotland has to offer. We’ll go through all the animals you can see and where to find them! 

a brown cow standing on top of a grass covered field

Photo by Marta Smith



People don’t normally think of reindeer when you ask them to think of animals in Scotland, but we have a bunch! You can find them in the Cairngorms mountains, which is already a popular destination because of Cairngorm National Park. Cairngorm Reindeer offer walking tours to see the reindeer from May to December. We recommend bringing hiking boots as the walk isn’t the easiest. But if you’re up for a good hike with some reindeer, we would definitely recommend adding it to the list on your private tour! 

a deer standing in the snow

Photo by Robert Kalinagil-Gecdzem



Unlike a lot of animal tours in Scotland, you can see otters all year round! They’re a little trickier to see because they’re most active at night, but it’s definitely possible. One of the most popular tours for otters can be found in the Shetlands. Their otter conservation program offers day tours to see a variety of animals, including otters. They were named Traveller’s Choice on TripAdvisor and Best Wildlife Experience by the Scottish Tourism Board. It’s a little pricier than the other tours listed, but all the money goes to otter conservation. So, it is going to be a great cause! Find out more here.

a brown bear swimming in the water

Photo by Kedar Gadge



Who doesn’t want to see the ocean’s dogs? You can see these cuties all year around, depending on where you go in Scotland. The best time to see them is midsummer to early autumn. There are many places where you can see seals in Scotland. Our favourites would be Dunvegan Castle and Calum’s Seal Trips, both in Skye. Dunvegan Castle is a great spot because you can also explore the castle and its gardens and make a half-day trip out of it. The other option in Skye is Calum’s Seal Trips which is a ferry ride that takes you around to see seals. If you’re lucky, you may be able to see other animals as well like dolphins or puffins! Depending on the time of year, you might be able to see seals in Mallaig with Western Isles Cruises if you’re coming on our 2-day Jacobite Steam Train tour or our 5-day Scottish Choice tour

a dog swimming in a body of water

Photo by Keith Luke



If you’re in Scotland long enough, why not take a trip to see puffins? It’s best to see them in their breeding colonies, which is around late April to August. We recommend going in June or July for the best chance to see them with their chicks. You can take a ferry from Anstruther to the Isle of May to see puffins and other types of birds.   

a colorful bird standing in the sand

Photo by Ray Hennessy


Highland Coos  

Many people don’t know this, but it’s best to see the highland coos in the summertime. Highland coos get quite cold in the winter and are often brought into their sheds so they are more comfortable. They don’t like when the ground is frozen, even if they have tons of fur! If you’re planning to see some highland coos, it’s best to plan your trip in the summer. In the south/west side of Scotland, there’s a great tour done by Kitchen Coos and Ewes where you get the chance to meet and take pictures of many highland coos!

Photo by Zoltan Fekeshazy


All of these can be booked with us on our private tours! For more information, visit here. This is a great way to create your own itinerary with a tour guide to show you the best of Scotland.

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