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What To Do In Inverness

If you’re seeing the highlands, chances are you are staying in Inverness for your first night. There are quite a few things to do if you’re there for a day or two. We’ll make some recommendations on five things to do while you’re in Inverness.


Inverness Castle

Inverness Castle is only open on weekends. But if you’re there on a weekday, you can still see the outside of the castle. If you’re lucky enough to go inside, you’ll see a view of River Ness. For more information on the castle, visit their website.

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River Ness & Ness Islands

If you’re looking for some beautiful scenery, River Ness and Ness Islands is a beautiful walk. We recommend taking hiking shoes if you’re going through the more difficult trails. However, there are easy walks that can be done near the city centre as well.

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The Victorian Market

The Victorian Market is the perfect place to get some shopping done. It’s great for souvenirs to bring back home for family and friends. They also have lots of options for food when you get hungry!

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Leakey’s Bookshop

Leakey’s Bookshop is Scotland’s largest second-hand bookshop. It’s a great place to get a good deal on a book. Even if you’re not looking for something, it is a beautiful bookshop to explore.

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Dolphin Spirit Inverness

Dolphin Spirit offers boat tours to see Scottish wildlife such as dolphins, sea otters, seals, and birds. They run tours every day and are located half an hour’s walk from the city centre or a 20 mins bus ride on public transportation.

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