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Where to Find Dinosaur Footprints on the Isle of Skye

While guides to the Isle of Skye often highlight the Quiraing, Fairy Pools, and Old Man of Storr, something you might not know is that you can see massive dinosaur footprints on Skye. This little island off the west coast of Scotland has one of the most significant collections of dinosaur tracks in the world. In fact, 15% of all mid-Jurassic discoveries globally have been found on the Isle of Skye.

An Ancient Landscape

166 million years ago, Skye was part of a subtropical continent south of the equator, boasting a climate similar to Florida. Today, the island is an important site for palaeontologists and researchers, who have uncovered numerous Jurassic dinosaur footprints. This article will guide you through the best places to see these ancient tracks, making it easier for you to walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs on Skye.

An Corran Beach near the Village of Staffin

One of the best places to see dinosaur footprints is An Corran Beach near the village of Staffin. Here, you can find three-toed prints belonging to a family of ornithopods, which were two-legged herbivores. These Jurassic dinosaurs’ footprints, dating back to the Middle Jurassic (between 162 million to 175 million years ago), were discovered in 2001 by two dog walkers. The prints are embedded in the sandstone rocks, easily accessible at low tide. Be prepared to scour the area a bit, as the tide can cover the prints with seaweed or sand. Once you spot one, you’ll soon see others, connecting with these incredible, lost creatures.

a pair of feet on a rock

Score Bay

A short drive from An Corran Beach, you’ll find another fantastic site for dinosaur footprints: Score Bay. Here, you can discover prints from sauropods, massive long-necked herbivores from the same family as Brontosaurus and Diplodocus. These footprints are around 170 million years old, and some are quite large, making this the largest dinosaur trackway in Scotland. To find the sauropod footprints, look for a trail of round rock pools heading out towards the sea. The tide can sometimes obscure these prints, so it’s best to visit during low tide for the best visibility.

Rubha nam Brathairean (Brothers’ Point)

Rubha nam Brathairean, or Brothers’ Point, is another excellent place to see dinosaur footprints. Discovered in 2018, this site features around 50 footprints in the tidal area, belonging to both sauropods and theropods. Located about five miles south of An Corran Beach, reaching Brothers’ Point requires a short hike along the headland, approximately 1.5 kilometers. Ensure you time your visit with low tide to see these incredible tracks. The footprints here provide a fascinating glimpse into the lives of Jurassic dinosaurs from the Middle Jurassic period.

Duntulm Beach

Further along the A855, near the crumbling ruins of Duntulm Castle, lies another remarkable site for dinosaur footprints: Duntulm Beach. Discovered in 2015, this site features a trail of some of the best examples of sauropod footprints in the world. These tracks, made by 15-meter-long dinosaurs walking through the mud of a warm, shallow lagoon, are about the size of dustbin lids. To find these prints, walk across the flat limestone/sandstone slabs and look for a zigzag pattern of round rock pools.

The Isle of Skye is a treasure trove for dinosaur enthusiasts. From An Corran Beach to Score Bay, Brothers’ Point, and Duntulm Beach, the island offers several incredible locations to see Jurassic dinosaurs’ footprints. These ancient tracks provide a unique connection to a time long past, allowing you to walk in the footsteps of these magnificent creatures.

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a child hand touching a dinosaur footprint in a rock